Ambient thriller electronic sounds
Flute, Guitar, Organ, Strings, Synths | 12 tracks
Folk Underscores
Modern harmony in folk tracks
Acoustic Guitar, Bodhran, Bongos, Celesta, Cello, Choir, Congas, Contrabass, Cymbals, Djembe, Drum Machine, Drums, Electric Guitar, Flute, Gong, Guitar, Metalophone, Percussion, Pulse, Strings, Swoosh, Synths, Tambourine, Tubular Bells, Violin, Vocals | 4 tracks
Powerful hybrid classical & EDM sounds
Beats, Electric Guitar, Electronic Sounds, SFX, Strings, Synths | 9 tracks
Classical Collection Frederic Chopin - Nocturnes
Perfection of cantabile style and delicate charm of ornamentation
Piano | 21 tracks
Classical Collection Solo Piano Vol III
Romance & Elegance
Piano | 7 tracks
Nostalgic Piano
Solo Piano | 7 tracks
Dynamic Electronic Rock Orchestra
Drums, Electronic Sounds, Full Orchestra, Percussion, Piano | 4 tracks
Baroque Strings
Dynamic Electronic Lyrical Strings
Drums, Electronic Sounds, Piano, String Orchestra | 7 tracks
Classical Collection Solo Piano Vol II
A darker, more sombre take on classically inspired melodies
Solo Piano | 7 tracks
Classical Collection Solo Piano Vol I
Delicate and moving, with a truly unique twist
Solo Piano | 7 tracks