About Us

Aphaia Music is a new and growing UK based music production company and an independent record label.

Whilst our chief focus is music licensing, we produce top quality albums for commercial release and to fit various bespoke projects.

One of the things which sets Aphaia Music apart is our focus on making our music extremely easy to use and incorporated by artists and creative people of all kinds. We prefer to release many different versions of each main track, each with a different focus, instruments and arrangement, so that whatever is needed for a particular project can be easily drawn out.

Our Strengths

At Aphaia, we never lose sight of our core strengths, which include both the originality and poignancy of our music but also the quality of our production methods.

Our clients have direct access to the producer, guaranteeing they receive exactly what they need. Better still, we hold the rights to all royalties ourselves, making legal and financial arrangements very simple. Because we publish our own products, the entire process is streamlined and extremely responsive.

Our Ethics

We feel that we are artists first, and business people second. That doesn’t mean, however, that we neglect the client-side of our business in any way! We are very passionate about our music, but we also value and respect our clients deeply, and are devoted to making every relationship one of honesty, integrity and quick, friendly, completely transparent communication.